Healthy aging is not a new concept, but certainly one that is getting more attention. It is now a known fact now that a healthy lifestyle can be very beneficial as a person ages. You can follow a few tips that maximize your chances of preventing and managing common health ailments. Doing so can mean feeling more energetic, positive, and active.

1. Routine Medical Testing

Annual or more frequent physicals are more important as you age. Screening tests are as well; you should ask about tests for blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose, colon cancer, breast and cervical cancer, and screenings for abdominal aneurysms. You should also consider obesity screening, HIV testing and osteoporosis screening but, even as you age, vaccines are important. Stay up to date on influenza, varicella, pneumococcal, and tetanus vaccinations.

2. Eat Healthy Foods

A healthy diet can have dramatic improvements in your health. High-fiber foods can help with digestion, and you want to stick to low-fat food as well. They can also prevent various diseases and conditions, and lots of fruits and vegetables can keep you energetic, happy, and blessed with a sharp memory. Drink a lot of water too, which will make sure you stay hydrated.

3. Exercise Your Body

An active lifestyle is as good for a senior as it is for a younger person. Talk to a doctor about the best exercise routine for you. Even 15-30 minutes per day of physical activity can make a big difference. A walk around the neighborhood can give your heart the activity needed to stay in good shape. The right physical exercises at home can help maintain muscle tone and a healthy body weight.

4. Exercise Your Mind

Reading, crossword puzzles, and mental exercises can keep your mind sharp and even stave off or slow the onset of dementia and memory loss. Stick with reading the books you enjoy and newspapers can help you stay abreast of current events. Word searches are also great for the mind. The increased neural activity is healthy for the brain, compared to avoiding activities and letting your mind stagnate from not being active at all.

5. Socialize

Social activity should be a part of every senior’s routine. It can keep you sharp, but also improve your sense of well-being. There are community organizations for seniors in every town, holding activities and social gatherings in public facilities. These can usually be found in local newspapers. Socializing can reduce your depression and anxiety, and alleviate sadness, if not give you a chance to get out of the house and interact with others in a similar situation to you.

It’s a fact that things change as we get older. You can deal with the changes and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. The care services that may be necessary can be attended to by Seniors Helping Seniors Southwest Florida, so there is always assistance with daily needs that are hard for you to manage alone. Your well-being, however, can be improved just by adjusting your daily habits and routine, which is possible by following the lifestyle tips mentioned in this article.



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