Breasts are the most adorable and aesthetic part of a woman’s beauty; it is no wonder that sagging breasts will depress a woman. But there is no need to worry about sagging breasts as there is the wonderful surgical solution of mastopexy, simply referred to as the‘breast lift’ surgery. The surgery lifts and tones the breasts to restore the original beauty and firmness.Women, who havean overall good health and a stable weight, can go for the breast lift surgery.

There can be multiple factors that influence the sagging of breasts; it can happen due to aging or heredity, and also due to pregnancy and nursing. Whatever may be the reason, sagging breasts may upset you to a great extent. Before you go for a plastic surgery, you must have the basic knowledge and information about it. It would be an utter foolishness to rely on non-reputed surgeons/ clinics.

Breast Lift is not for Volume Enhancement:

Before you visit a clinic for breast lift in Greenbay, please note that that breast lift is done for firming and toning, not for volume increase. When the patient demands an increase in the breast size, the operation becomes a little more complicated. In that case, breast lift surgery is combined with breast augmentation.

Measures before the Surgery:

When you think of the surgery talk with your doctor in details about the procedure of surgery and expected results. It is also good to talk with patients who have already undergone the surgery. Do not forget to inform the doctor about your medication habit, smoking habit or allergic tendencies.

It is also important to know how the doctor/ clinic will handle the post-operative procedure. Take adequate information about how soon your requirements will be answered in case of complications.

About the Procedure:

The whole procedure of operation usually takes more or less 3 hours in the standard clinics for breast lift in Greenbay.The position of the nipple is adjusted according to the desired shape/ firmness. Saline implant is used if a volume boost is desired.

There will be pain and you will need medication for that. It may take 5-7 days to get back to normal routine. The results are not seen immediately due to the bruised and swollen condition. It can be noticed after certain weeks.


With the development of modern technology, the procedure of mastopexy is getting easier and success rate is quite high. Rate of complications like bleeding, blood clot, infection or permanent scar is really low. Initial bruises and scars are quite common and get healed with time. Complications are likely to occur for diabetics and smokers.


A breast lift is completely a personal and ethical choice of a woman so you need to take the decision completely on your own judgment; others may not agree with you. It is important how you feel about the whole procedure. If you confidently feel that you need a breast lift and work sincerely to achieve the goal, you will surely get amazing results.


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