Progesterone is mainly used to market fertility in women with low blood Progesterone degrees. Low Progesterone levels make the tissue lining the uterus thinner and nutrient-rich than is necessary for implantation development of the embryo and from the fertilized egg. Progesterone treatment after ovulation will make the uterine lining much more and thicker appropriate for implantation to occur. Progesterone can also be needed during pregnancy for healthy fetal development and also to loosen the uterus. Progesterone supplements may thus be prescribed for some weeks up before the placenta is formed and can make Progesterone that was adequate to match the requirements the developing fetus.

Besides pregnancy-associated uses, Progesterone can also be prescribed to control bleeding in girls that aren’t ovulating. In girls wishing to postpone becoming pregnant, high-dose Progesterone shots work by making mucus in the small reproductive tract heavier and by preventing ovulation. This thickened mucus causes it to be harder for sperm to ascend upwards to the fallopian tube through the cervix and uterus.

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In postmenopausal women using a uterus that are also receiving estrogen replacement, Progesterone is given to restrain overgrowth of the uterine lining. Short-term hormone replacement therapy during menopause could also reduce side effects like hot flashes.

Progesterone may be taken in the type of vaginal suppositories or capsules, injections. While several Progesterone creams and ‘natural’ Progesterone products can be found, some without prescription, these may be unsuccessful in preventing breast and endometrial cancer, preventing osteoporosis, increasing sexual desire or treating hot flashes. Both the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, as well as the American Menopause Society, care from using such compounds with unknown threats and unproven benefits. It’s strongly advised to take Progesterone beneath the attentive observation of an authorized and trained medical supplier.


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